Coming Home

Do what pleases you, take time for yourself,

So said, my friend the Llama elf.

I’d forgotten what it was that pleased me most

Until I’d looked up my internet host,

Quite by accident, upon another quest,

I realised, what it is I do best

Having a ramble and a roam

It was HERE I found – I was truly home.


My word a day was a way to play

Before commitments took me away

The stress and anguish of the last three years

Had all but realised my horrible fears.

So as I return to my former self

Like the ubiquitous dusty book upon a shelf

A word of thanks is due, more or less

That your still here, you fabulous WORDPRESS.

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News of this weeks Tea & Cake event

Grandparent Support

This month’s get together is on this Friday 6th June 11am-1pm All Welcome!

tea & cake

If you are a grandparent that has been denied contact and you would like to meet other grandparents in the same situation, come along to one of our Tea & Cake events.

We welcome all alienated grandparents and other members of the family too, alienation affects the whole family.
Many compare it to a living bereavement, we offer tea and empathy and support for each other.
It’s not all doom and gloom! Meeting with others who are going through or have gone through alienation, is invaluable they know your pain and feel the same anguish, come
along and support each other, we help each other smile too!

The First Friday of every Month
11;00am -1:00pm at
Whitemoss Youth & Community
Centre Southdown Crescent,
Blackley Manchester M9 7DQ

Ironically 12th of June will be the first anniversary of a contact order…

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500 singers required for unique performance opportunity

500 singers required for unique performance opportunity.

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Taking my own advice and changing what I don’t like!

Taking my own advice and changing what I don’t like!.

To all my followers on Word A Day please follow me on my Grandparent Support blog I miss your encouragement and I still write the odd poem!

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Calling all Parents & Grandparents: Let your Fingers Do The Marching!

no time for poetry folks this is what I get up to nowadays!

Grandparent Support

Grandparents update. Friday 7th March 2014  

It has been a busy few weeks here at Grandparents headquarters, first there was the tea & cake event that brought folk from far and wide, we appreciate your coming and are looking forward to seeing you again later on this month, with the date and venue yet to be confirmed, keep your eyes peeled for that!

There has been a significant rise in emails received and if we haven’t replied yet, we soon will, guaranteed, within 48 hours.

I took a week’s annual leave from my paid employment this week and I can’t believe its Friday already and I didn’t manage to get away, unless you count 24hrs in Wales last weekend (lovely), ah- well! It’s all in a good cause!

I have been making some great connections across the North West and received some fantastic support here and further afield too…

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A Crying Shame

Grandparent Support

“Do you know, Inspector, of all the emotions which is the most insidious and entrapping? Shame. It carves its home in the marrow of your bones and rests there for all time.”

Richard Warlow – Writer and creator of the BBC One drama – Ripper Street.

In my research there has been a recurring theme that many try not to mention, or even identify and that is shame, the shame and embarrassment of having a problem within the family, more often than not stops many people from asking for help- that they are somehow flawed as a human being, or that they somehow are responsible for the situation they now find themselves in.

We are all human beings and therefore by default we have  flaws, cracks in our make-up we occasionally mess up and we need help or in the case of Grandparents the actions or perhaps  circumstances, tragic and…

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As Good As It Gets!

I’ve been awake since 5am, not wanting to get out of bed, I was watching Jack Nicholson & Helen Hunt in ‘As good as it gets’, at 7am there was a loud knocking on the front door, which then became relentless, and louder, I looked out of the window to see a royal mail van-hazard lights flashing furiously in the dark!

Expecting deliveries from Amazon, I ran down before he woke the whole neighbourhood, sure enough it was an amazon box, I thanked him and off he went, it was a large box so I curiously opened it to find a sweet dispenser? No, I did not order one, but it’s that time of year and I immediately felt a wave of panic – I had opened some poor child’s present, I scrambled around looking for my Glasses, the parcel belonged to number 52.

I ran to the door to catch the postie, where outside on the street I found another neighbour in his jammies, scratching his tousled head, “did he knock on 75?” he mumbled

“ I don’t know, but this is for 52,” I replied, the postie was still knocking on doors, my neighbour managed to get him to come back, I then realised it was our young deaf postie, and this was going to be difficult to explain, after a series of what can only be described as pantomime actions on my part, I managed to explain the parcel was for 52 to which he flapped open the lid and said “it’s open” embarrassed I gave him the universal hand signal for stop/wait much as a policeman would do, or I used to do for our dog, more embarrassment, I ran back inside and grabbed my glasses to explain that I can’t read without them???

He was clearly worried that it was an open parcel, and I was trying to think where the heck the Sellotape was in my upside down house? Eventually I found some white electrical tape & scissors, together on the doorstep we taped up the parcel, he put his hand to his chin and said thank you, gave a smile and a wink and off he went.

As I returned inside I felt pleased that we had managed to communicate, and that I at least had a matching nightdress and dressing gown on, albeit without the belt, I resolved that I would learn British sign language,  as I glanced down I then saw that my left boob was hanging out! Embarrassment factor off the scale and that’s as good as it gets!

English: wiktionary:thank you diagrammatically...

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