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What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday was beautiful at my weekend getaway the sun was shining the sky was a beautiful azure blue…………….

?????????????????????????????Photo by me!

Today however…………..

IMG_5554Photo by me

Struggling all day to come up with a poem or two,

My mood is bleak and full of stew!

I did write one but not for publication,

I best keep that one by for re-generation.

It’s raining today and my Wi-Fi is down

To say the least I’m wearing a frown!

Hopefully, and very soon

I’ll shoot once again for that distant moon!


Just a word of thanks before I go, to all those who have posted links to help me with my volunteer project   A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!  You can see them listed below :  click on their links and read some really good poetry! Oldmainer Bob Q









Stretching and yawning into the morning

A realisation is dawning

I’ve always done Volunteer work

But I fear I may be discovered as a jerk!

For lately I have gone at it full throttle

I don’t want to spread myself too thin

For being a volunteer is a win win.

I have been chatting about a poem a day

And now the silver surfers want to play

So I implore all of you poets and bloggers out there

To post as many links to me as you care

I don’t want to waste their precious time

By having them all writing in rhyme!

Although that would be cool

A silver surfer rapping school!


This really is a serious plea, if you can post me some links to poetry and blogging it will save me heaps of precious time.

I can pass them on to these lovely Seniors,  I will select the most useful, practical and simple to understand links and give you a shout out on my blog.

Also I will hopefully be posting some of their great results!

Thank you Geraldine

Online Reisebuchungen "Silver Surfer"

Online Reisebuchungen “Silver Surfer” (Photo credit: Hannes Treichl)


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Sunlight (Photo credit: Dave Stokes)


Back on form

Return to norm

Sunlight breaking through at last

Horrible week feeling rough

Soft dewy morning

Full of surprise

As I rub the last of sleep

From my eyes

Off now to learn anew

Of all the things that I can do

Wishing you a happy day too!


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Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)



When is an artist not an artist?

When some high falutin’ ne’er do well says you are?

Or you self –proclaim yourself to be one?

Questions, questions, questions.

Today I was inspired by “The Ranting Papizilla” and his buddy Sahm King over at “We drink because we’re poets” and their subsequent comments.

If you have an interest in writing and/or poetry you should check them out!

From the first (or rather the 2nd April 2013 which is when I entered the Word press blogosphere,) I have loved what they produce!

Today they really inspired me to write on when is an artist an artist? Or not an artist, as the case may be!

Too many people take themselves far too seriously I can myself from time to time fall into this category, but only when I have “a sense of humour malfunction” at which time I reboot, usually myself up the backside.

If you checked them out you will note that they posed two questions:

A)    Would you like to see us have Short Story Prompts as well?

B)    Are we all classified under the Artist label or not?

It is to question B that I turn my attention, the comments received by the Guys over at WDBWP were cool for the most part but there were one or two that had me thinking ”oh for crying out loud!”

And it is to those few that I reiterate my own comment, which is as follows:
“1. Anyone who creates anything in my opinion is an artist; some have more than one string to their bow, writing, poetry, photos, watercolours, or pastels! Cooking, baking, inventing, the list is endless!  We live in a sea of humanity that are creative’s therefore we are all artists! This is no longer the select term for the few!
2. All prompts for anything is a great way to inspire, whether you create it that day the next or next year!
3. I love you guys just for being there! Do as you will with whatever time you have, just don’t ever stop!
Your humble follower and fellow creative artist when the mood takes her, Geraldine”

People have been crushed for years, for thinking they were not good enough, or had no talent because they didn’t fit into someone else’s idea of a square peg in a round hole!

Well that’s just plain balderdash!

P.S (Balderdash is a great word game if you can get a hold of it!)


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I thought I had joined a group with heart

Turns out they like to tear people apart

Self-righteous and very strong

Be careful if you go along

What they do is very wrong


They connect and detect using face book and twitter

The taste in my mouth is really rather bitter

People who say they are your friends

But really they have ulterior ends

Not as altruistic as they claim to be

More interested in their self celebrity

Really I don’t think this group is for me


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As I rummaged around in my attic today

I came across a picture postcard of old

That jaded delicate paper did unfold,

A true sweet love story gone astray

The calligraphic penmanship of days gone by

Brought a heart-wrenched tear to my tired old eye

Of a love that was forever lost to the past

As death had claimed the final victory at last

But here was the proof all tattered and torn

Of that once sweet love as fresh as the morn

And as it evokes the memories of old yesterday

I can tell you that true love never goes away

Sights of Bad Kreuznach. Picture postcard, 1891.

Sights of Bad Kreuznach. Picture postcard, 1891. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inspired by Miz Quickly’s poetry prompt


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