fog silhouette lol

The wind howled and whistled  through the trees, it brought an icy coldness that whipped around Penny, sending her crashing to her knees, the fog closed in.

Penny was left bereft and out of options, she had no choice but to rise and take a step, her great hulking drunken frame was going nowhere; she knew the alcohol had been strong; could she have possibly been drugged too?

Penny knew  that to survive she had to move and take another step but she was petrified to the spot, she had nothing left in her, she had given her all, exhausted every possibility, but there was a still, small, faint and distant voice within her telling her,  pleading with her to move, she could not give up!

Had she really done her best truly? She had made it this far, She doubted herself again and the voice grew stronger.

“I can’t do it without you” it repeated in a soft sweet whisper.

She could feel the strangers’ eyes burning into her but she dare not look around.

Her mind went over and over the numbers, the permutations, the combinations of which until she thought she might explode, how could those four dark figures have taken her life over so completely? How could she have not kept a record? how could she prove what they were?

Penny knew the only way out was to remember the first time she had tried;

Was it the coincidental date of birth that had convinced her or just the time of birth?

Penny traced her steps backward, putting her attempts into a chronological order, not easy while under the influence, she could feel the eyes behind her had moved closer and almost sensed his breath on her neck.

Penny drew herself up to her full six foot height coughed out loud, turned, and shot a look that could wither a Squaddie!  When all of a sudden it popped into her head as clear as day! Eureka! She had it – she punched in her four digit pin number, at last! Now she could pay for a cab home.


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