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FRIENDSHIP a Cinquain of Thanks !

Magical Sunset at Steinhuder Meer




through cyber space

finding safe harbour of

like minded souls who enlighten

and thrill.


Dedicated to Elizabeth




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May I Take Stock?

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

A Reflection on May 2013

It’s that  time of the month again, ( not THAT one  smutty brain!), the time where I reflect on my progress as a so-called writer, blogger, and poet  mmm..Wordist, mmm.. creator…. muhahaaa!

Well I dare not look at the stats page, and in  fact I need  not, for  I  already have a pretty good idea what they will say, nothing I do  not already know! – Nil Points-.

I have been AWOL, ( Absent without leave)  which  is not strictly correct either, Stay with me this is going to get complicated!

Seeing as I am the one, who I, must seek leave from, and I knew I was away  doing other things then it wasn’t  really without my knowledge or my consent, therefore I wasn’t really AWOL, but you see that is where I am wrong!

I told you it was complicated, you see, me, myself and I are the writers’ of A WORD A DAY, where we come to play, (using we in the first person is now getting quite disturbing, so grammatically correct or not I shall revert to I ) I could get all my words from a dictionary  I have several, or even the vast resources online, but a writer needs inspiration for the words to flow from the dictionary to the page and  put them in a context that is both meaningful and entertaining  not only to me but you, the reader too!

So I have been trying to combine all elements of my new life  as  a  volunteer, an activist for Grandparents and writer together, whilst at the same time looking for paid employment, not forgetting my  role as wife, mother, Step-mother, grandparent, sister and Aunt,  although I have neglected a few Nieces & Nephews  birthday’s in May  and although none of them actually read this blog,(that I know of) my wholehearted apologies and a special belated birthday wish to you all-  in particular Happy Birthday greetings to you Nephew- Brendan Baggins for yesterday!

Back to taking stock, where was I? Oh yes! Combining elements, (picture Geraldine; the nutty writer in a lab coat)  as I said one of those elements is inspiration, it is people who inspire me, the things they say and the way they say them, who they are and what they do, they make  words come alive, put thoughts into actions and create dreams that are reality, that is truly inspiring. I have met quite a few on my travels over the last month or two, you will soon be able to read all about them on the  website that Julia from Get-Experienced and I set up in May.

I spent yesterday with some lovely older people, they really made me laugh and shared  some of their wonderful sayings of times gone by and a few that are still around  and I will be sharing those with you on here and on the other website I set up in May. This site is probably the most important and the closest to my heart as I return to court in ten days  time, I will keep you posted on GP.S.U.K. (An unfortunate acronym but you get to a certain age and given the state of our NHS at the moment and it somehow fits!)

So in combining all elements and ever mindful of the  future, I  have made  a  huge decision……….drum roll please……..

I have decided to return to education, I have looked at different courses online, and their extortionate fees and their non-recognisable accreditations, I took a creative writing course a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it but what I learnt most of all  is if you want to be a writer, then just get on and write and do it  in a way that you enjoy regardless of critics, but  it also made me realise I had more to learn but in a way that suits and fits in with me  and what I want to do.

So  starting October I will begin an access  to success module to get me used to formal education again with The Open University, if that works out, I will do an Open Degree which will be tailored to what I want to achieve as a writer, including the ever elusive I.T  element, and Business Management too! I’m really excited, a little nervous but very much up to the challenge!

Back  to A word a Day and you dear reader,  I realise I should be putting out  a word a day for  you and hope you will have patience and forgive my absence occasionally, with that  I wish you joy and happy writing  and for now with your permission  I will take my leave.

Back  soon



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